Dear distinguish guest and all participants on ICEO&SI 2016:

    It is my pleasure to host the 6th ICEO-SI 2016. I am also great to meet all of you at National Taiwan Ocean University since 2011. As I said 5 years ago, this is a platform to share your contribution, idea and others to each other who are interested in the mission of Global Earth Observation System (GEOS) including the disasters, weather, health, water/ocean, climate, ecosystem, agriculture, energy, weather and biodiversity.
    Till now, I would like to give my appreciation to all of invited keynote speakers as following:
Dr. Sultan Hasan AlSultan:  the member of Saudi Arabia Shoura Council
Dr. Jean-Pierre Barriot:  Head, Data center of the Int. Center for Geodynamics and Earth Tides (IGETS) of the Int. Association of Geodesy 
Dr. Chein-Way Hwang: Chair professor, National Chiao Tung University 
Dr. Yih-Min Wu: Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University
    ICEO&SI 2016 website was already to setup on . There are still some shortcomings in this process of this meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact me to promote our service to you. At same time, we also first try to plan a one and half days workshop entitled as “GIS applications on earth observation”. We hope all of you can enjoy this meeting during your stay and then can contribute your findings to the special issue on SCI journal such as Advances in Meteorology, JMST or IEEE JSTARS. 
Finally, I would like to give my warm appreciation again for your consideration to attending this meeting and let this conference to going smoothly.

General Chairman 
Dr. Ming-An Lee