ICEO&SI 2016
The International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts

June 25rd ~ 28th, 2016
Call for Papers, the 1st Announcement
I. Conference Missions: 
TGEO (Taiwan Group on Earth Observations) held the first International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts (ICEO-SI) on August 15 and 16, 2011 at National Taiwan Ocean University for responding to the mission of GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems). GEOSS is envisioned to eventually become a global public infrastructure that generates data needed for the benefit of society. 
The GEOSS is being established by GEO (Group on Earth Observations), which was officially founded in Brussels in 2005.GEO is constructing GEOSS on the basis of a 10-Year Implementation Plan for the period 2005 to 2015. The Plan defines a vision statement for GEOSS, its purpose and scope, expected benefits, and the nine “Societal Benefit Areas” of disasters, health, energy, climate, water, weather, ecosystems, agriculture and biodiversity.
In the first meeting of ICEO-SI 2011, there were 4 sessions of the nine areas attract about 160 participants to join this conference. To continue the ability that shearing experiences needed for the benefit of society, the TGEO and National Taiwan Ocean University is holding the 6rd ICEO-SI conference on June 26 to 28 in 2016 at the International Conference Hall, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Keelung, Taiwan. The ICEO-SI 2016 will simultaneously address nine areas of critical importance to the sustainability of global environment and societal welfare; including Disasters, Health, Energy, Climate, Water/Ocean, Weather, Ecosystems, Agriculture/Forestry/Fishery, Biodiversity, Industry and Policy. These issues are of great concern of people, governments, and private sectors, as well as the GEO.
II. Conference Objectives:
1. Disasters: Reducing the loss of lives and properties from either natural or human-induced disasters by enhanced preparation policies and early warning systems.

2. Health: Assessing how environmental elements affect human health.

3. Energy: Improving the management of energy policies as well as the development of renewable energy and sustainable resources.

4. Climate: To monitor, understand, and assess various factors for climate variability as well as to assist in making efficient policies of climate change adaptation.

5. Water/Ocean: Investigating the influence of water resources distribution and variability of hydrological cycle on the world’s sustainable development. 

6. Weather: Integrating weather observation database and projection models to enhance the application of weather informatics in various research fields.

7. Ecosystems: Establishing an integrated monitoring framework of land, coast, and marine to benefit the environment and societal development.

8. Agriculture/Forestry/Fishery: Using the earth observations to achieve the effective management and sustainability in agriculture, forestry and fishery.

9. Biodiversity: Improving measuring and analysis techniques of biodiversity for protection, reproduction and balance of global bio-resources.

10. Industry and Policy: Providing Earth observation-related products, business models, and a platform for information exchange to increase mutual benefits of industry, academics, and government.

Date & Place:
Date: June 25rd ~28th, 2016
Place: International Conference Hall, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology
Address: No. 367, Pei-Ning Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan, R.O.C.

III. Information:
Important Due Dates:
(1) Abstract due: March 10th, 2016
(2) Accepting letter will be sent by: April 1st, 2016
(3) Last date for presenter to register: May 1st, 2016 

IV. Registration:

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** All presenters (oral or poster) should register by May 1st, or her/his article(s) will be removed from the list.

V. Contacts: 
Secretariat:Miss Hui-Fang Li 
Tel.: +886-2-2462-2192 ext. 5027
Tel/Fax: +886-2-24634419